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The Dimboola Common

The Dimboola Common

Visit the Dimboola Common – located on the flood plains of the Wimmera River, in the area between the township and the river, from near the caravan park around to the town weir. The Dimboola Common includes historical settlement sites, the Chinese camp and market gardens. This is a place to have a little bit to “time out”, to relax and contemplate the natural world – things move here at a different pace.

The proximity of the Common to the river means that there are many different plant and animal species living in the reserve. Walking around the reserve, you will cross several creeks, see the large river red gums and hear and see many different types of birds. Look carefully and you will see evidence of animals such as echidnas.

The proximity of the Common to the town means that it is easy to find and to walk or drive to. Recent improvements to the area include the removal of weeds, planting of indigenous species and the development of tracks suitable for walking and riding of bikes